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  • Prevention and control Cloud Recruitment Helps Spring Recruitment


              Spring used to be a promising season, but the unexpected epidemic has brought countless people's lives to a standstill. Affected by "COVID-19" , the spring recruitment of 2020 seems to have met with "severe cold". For this reason, our company has launched online recruitment in cooperation with major universities in Anhui province, and the remote interview approaches mainly based on telephone and video which has replaced the previous propaganda and double election meetings.

             We use telephone, video, Internet and other off-site contact methods to answer the qustion about salary, promotion, employment place and other issues raised by the employees, use online access and remote interview to promote the "point-to-point" direct connection between the enterprise and the employees, and recruit qualified personnel through the network.

             "If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?". Let's look forward to the victory of the war and the blooming of spring!