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             Tomb-sweeping Day is an important traditional festival of the Chinese nation. It is a day for ancestor worship and grave sweeping. It is also a good time for outing. On the occasion of Tomb-sweeping Day, in order to pursue the footprint of heroes, inherit the martyrs' legacy, carry forward the national spirit, enhance the sense of responsibility and mission. Sunrise enterprises Organized all staff held a "memorial revolutionary martyrs" tomb-sweeping activities.
            On the morning of April 1st, we arrived at the Martyrs Cemetery in Hefei together. With great respect for the revolutionary martyrs and infinite grief, in front of the solemn "monument to the people's heroes", held a brief and grand ceremony of mourning, and presented flowers, all the staff with the mood of reverence around the tomb, to understand the martyrs' great achievements.
           The memory of the martyrs of the activities, so that we know how to cherish life, grateful, more understand their responsibilities, do not forget the martyrs, inherit the legacy. In the future,Sunrise enterprises will also enhance their sense of social responsibility and mission, and strive to make more contributions to the country!