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  • Books infiltrate the enterprise, reading light up life


            "Spring is a good time to read!"April 23rd this year marks the 26th World Book Day.In order to relieve the fast-paced working state of employees and add a strong atmosphere for employees to read. Sunrise enterprise has launched a reading activity with the theme of "Appreciation of Books, Understanding of  Life".
            The long road of life, only you and books do not negative. Life without books, like no sunshine; Wisdom without books is like a bird without wings. In this activity, all staff actively elected their favorite books, and actively participated in the many thoughts published in the reading. Everyone said that this activity, so that they feel comfortable reading, the thick elegant warm atmosphere of reading so that the fast-paced life is no longer monotonous.
            Let's take reading as a habit, approach the vast sea of books and walk out of a wonderful life.