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  • Study the spirit of celebrities, remember revolutionary predecessors

              In order to continuously build the faith of foundation of our staff, enrich our spirit, improve our thought, and forge ahead with firm ideals and beliefs, all our staff, under the leadership of General Manager Mr.Zhang, we visited the Anhui Hall of Fame and the Crossing the River Campaign Memorial Hall on June 18.
             Today, in our prosperous and strong motherland, looking back at the deeds of these historical figures closely related to Anhui province, our staff realize that we should not only learn the spirit of fearless revolutionary martyrs, but also inherit their spirit of thrift and hard work.

             Through this visit, our staff review the deeds of historical figures, and the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs, enhancing our own sense of responsibility and mission. Then, With a positive spirit,we devote ourselves to the daily work and life. We prove that we are the best with strength.