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  • Foreign trade growth continues to pick up

         At present, under the adverse effects of the tightening external environment and the short-term impact of the epidemic, my country's foreign trade still maintains a state of recovery, showing a trend of increasing both quantity and quality. This is closely related to a series of measures introduced by my country. The main measures are as follows: first, to ensure the smooth flow of logistics; second, to promote the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain; third, to take multiple measures to stabilize the market theme; fourth, to continuously optimize the port business environment.
         It can be seen that the fundamentals of my country's economy remain stable and sound in the long run. The basic characteristics of my country's economy with sufficient potential, great resilience, strong vitality, large room for manoeuvre, and many policy tools have not changed. My country's various advantages and conditions for development have not changed.

         Under the current state of my country's continuous recovery of foreign trade growth, Sunrise Enterprises will also actively respond to government policies to further improve our own level and move towards a farther future.