Welcome to visit the Anhui Sunrise Stationery Co., Ltd.
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      Sunrise enterprise aims to become the industry leader and promote Chinese  manufacturing service quality on the position of Chinese manufacture brand model.
  • Sunrise operating principle

    Sunrise enterprise will dig into manufacture industry value, practice the idea of creating value with service and exploiting future with quality, and promote the development of the industry.

  • Sunrise mission

    We will devote ourselves to student supplies of manufacture filed and sell our products all over the world.

  • Sunrise vision

    Anhui Sunrise will continually create value for Chinese manufacture industry with a thankful heart and lofty ambition to become an international manufacture brand of student supplies.

  • Sunrise orientation

    In the development process, we will consistently locate our quality in high level and price in medium level. We hope to establish good reputation for Chinese brands internationally with our cost-effective advantage.